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  1. Auto-immunity as Evolutionary by Product of Adoptive Immunity and Source of Anti-tumor Immunity Failure

  2. Comparative Oncology and Comparative Tumor Immunology

  3. Crossroads of extrathymic lymphocytes maturation pathways
  4. Different Way of LMP/TAP/MHC Gene Clustering in Vertebrates, Viviparity and Anti-tumor Immunity Failure
  5. Effects of Indomethacine on Allogeneic and Singeneic Pregnancy
  6. Failure of blood–thymus barrier as a mechanism of tumor and trophoblast escape
  7. Anti-Interleukin-10 strategies in treatment of malignant diseases
  8. Ileus Caused by Big Cyst-adenoma of the Ovary
  9. Immunomodulatory Treatment for Infertile Men with Antisperm Antibodies
  10. Induction of thymic tolerance as possibility in prevention of recurrent spontaneous abortion
  11. Diversification of Cytokines Across Vertebrate Immune System Evolution, Reproductive Efficacy and Tumor Escape
  12. Origin of anti-tumor immunity failure in mammals and new possibility for immunotherapy
  13. RANKL/RANK/osteoprotegerin system as novel therapeutic target in the treatment of primary bone tumors and osteolytic metastases
  14. Failure of Anti-Tumor Immunity in Mammals - Evolution of the Hypothesis
  15. Origin of anti tumor immunity failure in mammals - Contents / Introduction - Kluwer/Springer
  16. Immunomodulatory Treatment of Infertility and Subfertility in Men with Elevated Antisperm Antibodies
  17. Immunomodulatory Treatment of Infertility in Men with Elevated Antisperm Antibodies
  18. Origin of anti tumor immunity in mammals - download the book