Immunobiological basis of pregnancy

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Bubanovic Ivan, Kamenov Borislav, Najman Stevo



Development of immunology in last hundred years has been very fast. From science attending vaccinations and mysterious skin diseases, immunology was grow up in modern science studying fundaments of big biomedical questions like transplantation, immunotherapy of malignant disease, pathogenesis and immunotherapy of autoimmunity and allergic diseases, AIDS, immunotolerance in pregnancy, immunotherapy of pathologic pregnancy, immunocontraception, immunoteratogenesis etc. In last thirty years, immunology made big steps exerting principles of Darwinism on lymphatic cells populations, as well as principles of "self" and "non-self" recognition. By favour of these principles, immunologists successfully answer on many questions linked for problems of transplantation and mammalian reproduction. Technological innovations in the field of molecular biology and genetics such as mapping of epitops, recombinant DNK, designing of so called "knock out" and "transgenic" animals, made great steps in understanding of genetic basis of immunity, recognition and reaction against antigens. This publication was written like in the course to showing discoveries in the field of reproductive immunology. In addition, the publication might serve to move up the discoveries to the people which work with patients who have immuno-reproductive problems. Albeit reproductive immunology is large science, the publication refers to the most dramatic and at most actively part of reproductive immunology, such as relationship between alloimmunity and immunotolerance in pregnancy. Authors have opinion that the relationship between alloimmunity and pregnancy closely connected. Writing about mechanisms of immunoregulation in pregnancy, we have not ambitions to made definitive answers about nature of factors and mechanisms of the immunoregulation in pregnancy. Our real targets are been description of factors and mechanisms which participate in initiation, development and keeping immunotolerance in pregnancy. Answers on questions which might be result of the publication riding, reader can to find in other literature or its own experimental and clinical researches. As our intention has been to include only those critical points related to the origin as well as parallelism between immunoregulatory/suppressive mechanisms in pregnancy and tumor sufferers, I set out to write this publication presuming that the majority of readers are already familiar with the fundamentals of medicine, biology, immunology, immunopathology, oncology, mammalian reproduction and vertebrate evolution. To that effect, this publication is free of descriptions otherwise found in most textbooks. Naturally, the book is intended for all readers showing interest. If, upon reading this subject matter, the interest of readers grows into practical work in the fields of reproductive or tumor immunology, or something even greater, the author’s satisfaction would be complete, and the objective of the entire publication fulfilled. Finally, I recommend the articles cited throughout the text to all those readers who would like to expand their knowledge regarding the evolution of the immune system, alloreactivity, immune recognition, various forms of immune tolerance, reproductive and tumor immunology, as well as comparative immunology and oncology.

 Authors, 2002


Publisher: Mrljes - Beograd, 2002.

236 pages,  80 illustrations  and over 450 references.

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